Welcome to Grainshaker Vodka

Hey Shakers,

Grainshaker has recently hit your store shelves and you might be wondering who this new Aussie Vodka brand with an emu is?

Let’s debrief. Traditionally, vodka has been distilled to a point where it is near odourless and flavourless, and we think that is plain wrong.

With Grainshaker, we’re shaking things up and showing you that quality vodka not only has flavour but also has character.

Named for the original grain sorters that cleaned, sorted and graded grains at each harvest, Grainshaker only uses quality local grains. To ensure that hard work isn’t wasted, we manually cut the heads and tails of the distillate by taste, keeping only the quality heart of the distillation.

And our handcrafted Australian vodka is copper pot distilled right here in Melbourne, Victoria.

Grainshaker corn vodka is smooth drinking with great flavours from our local Aussie grains, including hints of caramel and vanilla. It goes perfectly for a smooth and refreshing tasting vodka lime and soda. Also great in cocktails as the corn vodka elevates the other flavours your mixing with.

But we don’t always have time to make cocktails do we? That’s when Grainshaker mixers are your friend. Our mixer cans are made with premium quality Grainshaker vodka, setting us apart from your typical seltzer. The Grainshaker Sunset 12pk comes in a range of fun flavours, all low sugar, natural ingredients, gluten free and only 100 calories a can!

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