Grainshaker Stands With Ukraine

Grainshaker is deeply saddened by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

We stand by the Ukrainian people and are donating $15 from every bottle of Grainshaker Corn, Wheat & Rye sold to the Ukrainian Crisis Appeal.

That's in addition to a $50,000 donation from Top Shelf International

While vodka, and its historical association with Russia, has rapidly become a global symbol for people to express their views on the current situation in Ukraine, Grainshaker is focussed on providing positive, proactive support outside of the demands for product boycotts that have spread around the world.

The campaign will run from 3 March to 26 May 2022 and is part of the Grainshaker For Good program, a program that provides assistance and support to businesses and organisations where required.

Its most recent campaign was a goodwill program in 2021 to support local hospitality venues as they struggled through ongoing Covid lockdowns. 

Thank you to Top Print Productions for donating the neck tags and printing. 

Thank you to Esendex for marketing support.