Wattleseed Espresso Distillers Batch
Wattleseed Espresso Distillers Batch
Australian Vodka

Wattleseed Espresso Distillers Batch


Silky, rich and decadent, Espresso Wattleseed is a vodka for much more than your most opulent espresso martini.

Crafted right here at The Distiller, cacao nibs, wattleseed, nutmeg, coconut flakes and vanilla pods are macerated in the Grainshaker corn vodka for two weeks. After that period the solids are removed and the over-proof vodka is adjusted to 40% with a mixture of ST. ALi cold drip coffee and water.

A limited edition vodka from The Distiller.


Cold drip coffee, cacao nibs, ground wattleseed, nutmeg, coconut flakes, vanilla pods.


Opulent coffee aromas define the aroma, with a gentle cacao chocolate presence in the background. The palate is silky - the corn-based vodka providing that texture - with the wattleseed binding with the nutmeg to create hazelnut, chocolate and mocha notes. All lifted by the vanilla and coconut flakes, which provide a gentle sweetness.


Use this vodka to create one of the most opulent Espresso Martinis you've ever made.

Bottle Size: 500ml
ABV: 40%
Base Grain: Corn
 Ruby Lewis

Made, bottled and labelled by hand at The Distiller Melbourne

The Distiller is a bar and distillery located in Northcote, Victoria, which is not only a place to meet and share drinks but also develop experimental, innovative and limited edition Grainshaker releases.


Copper pot distilled
Hand made in Victoria, Australia
Victoria: $10.00
Rest of Australia: $15.00

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