Blood Orange Distillers Batch
Blood Orange Distillers Batch
Australian Vodka

Blood Orange Distillers Batch


Nothing goes to waste in the flavourful Blood Orange Distillers Batch Grainshaker vodka.

Australia makes some of the world's best citrus and we've harnessed all the fruit punch of native blood oranges in this small batch release. 

We collected blood orange peels that were being discarded by a fruit juice producer in Victoria's north west and put them in barrels with overproof vodka, leaving to macerate for three weeks.

That mixture was re-distilled with blood orange peels in the pot still - stripping the colour but concentrating the flavour. The resulting vodka was brought to 40% with fresh blood orange juice bought from South Melbourne markets and water, giving the final product it's seductive blood orange hue.

A limited edition vodka from The Distiller.


Blood orange peels!


Juicy orange notes balanced crisp vodka texture and a soft tartness from the blood orange peel.


Great as an aperitif over ice with a a wedge of orange, or in an intense negroni.

Bottle Size: 500ml
ABV: 40%
Base Grain: Corn
 Ruby Lewis

Made, bottled and labelled by hand at The Distiller Melbourne

The Distiller is a bar and distillery located in Northcote, Victoria, which is not only a place to meet and share drinks but also develop experimental, innovative and limited edition Grainshaker releases.


Copper pot distilled
Hand made in Victoria, Australia
Victoria: $10.00
Rest of Australia: $15.00

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